the inn at grand view

What to Look for in a Hotel for Your Next Getaway

Choosing the right hotel for your getaway is just as important as choosing the right location and activities for your family. Although you’ll spend little time in the hotel on a good vacation, that time should be quaint, enjoyable, and relaxing. Take time to research hotels before booking to ensure you find the one that most suits your needs.


Location is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a hotel. Most people want their hotel near the attractions they’ll visit because that makes the trip easier and saves time. Consider the noise included in hotels near the airport and the traffic when staying in a downtown hotel location.


Unfortunately, budget is another concern we all must consider as we book a hotel. Determine the nightly rate you can comfortably pay and choose a hotel within that allotted amount. Keep in mind hotels often give discounts for longer stays.


the inn at grand view

Older hotel rooms often look dingy and may not be right for your family’s needs. Even newer, well known hotels can have a problem with cleanliness, however, so always check reviews, photos, etc. to make sure the hotel you select is clean and free from dirt, germs, pests, etc.


Some hotels offer the bare minimum for guests and may not make the night very pleasant or secure. Other hotels offer the grand amenities that make the stay special. Upscale hotels like the inn at grand view often give extra toiletries and other amenities to guests.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right hotel is easier when you take time to scour the area for options and consider the above information when booking. A great hotel can make a tremendous difference in the overall happiness included in your getaway.