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Five Ways To Keep Your Bike Running Great!

No faster mode of transportation gives you a great physical workout as biking does.  In addition to activities like mountain biking and tour racing, bikes are used for many profit-making purposes, including delivery, transport, and even as a means of generating energy. To maintain reliability, it’s imperative to perform regular maintenance tasks on your bicycle.  These tasks will ensure a bicycle’s maximum performance and efficiency for years to come.

Before you begin any service or maintenance repairs to your bike, it’s necessary first to purchase the right tools for the job.  If your bike has custom parts, you can order the needed tools online or through specialist vendors like Curbside Cyclery bike shop.

Once you have the tools you need, you can get to work on the most vital daily bike maintenance routines!

#5 –
Check Your Tires

A bicycle is useless for going anywhere without tires.  Check the pressure each day with your hand or with a tire gauge to ensure adequate psi. Then, add or release air from your tires to sustain optimal air pressure.

#4 –
Grease the Chain

It must have a well-lubed chain for moving the wheels and switching gears for a bike to function.  If your bike chain is dry, it will be necessary to add additional oil or grease to it.

#3 –
Check The Brakes

Make sure that your brake pads are thick enough to stop the bicycle without delay in case of an emergency.  Install new pads if needed.

#2 –
Wipe It Down

Keep your bike free from dirt or dust that can damage gear systems and slow down performance speed.

#1 –
Take It In For Servicing

Just like a car, you’ll want to take your bike to a professional bike repair shop for a thorough checkup.