Best Ways to Consume Cannabis

These days cannabis is legal in many states across the U.S. Many people enjoy smoking cannabis and Science continues to prove to us that it is not the horrible monster once suspected. It even has medical benefits. With the new mindset concerning cannabis has come an increased research and knowledge and more people are open to cannabis than ever before. That leaves many ways to consume the product.

Cannabis Choices for You

The ways to consume cannabis have soared and these days you can get high by smoking, inhaling, eating, or drinking. Gone are the days when you could only roll up a joint or a blunt. You can put your herb inside a pipe, a bong, or choose from other products. There are tons of products out there to choose from, like cannabis flower, concentrates like Rosin and shatter, edibles like brownies, and even coffee and cola.

How to Consume Cannabis

The best consumption method really depends on what you like, the type of high that you are looking for, and what you have planned to do for the day. If smoking is hard, then other options are there. Many people prefer concentrates over herb itself because the high is stronger and more intense and lasts much longer. However, edibles do not have a smell, they’re more secret and so much easier to use.

What About the Cost?

Cost varies from one type of product to the next. Concentrates usually cost the most but you also need the least of them to enjoy the same or better high. Flower prices vary by strain and the location of purchase, quantity purchased, special offers, and other factors. No matter what you are looking for, it is easy to get a great price for the product.